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Yes i’m really happy with makanjuola family!!! For me they are as my family in here, i feel so lucky to have them next to me. I’m living!!! A great experience in england.

– Eugenia

March 2015

“Lived up to expectations and was sad to see Esperanza go.”

– Mrs Njenga

March 2015

“To the Wellfield agency, thanks for the support and fast, effective service over the years. I have been with the agency for 5 years and give credit to the agency in their impeccable judgement and success in selection of candidates suitable for a family. I will definitely recommend your agency to my friends and colleagues in search of a suitable au pair.”

– Nonye Nweze

March 2015

“I am happy with the way the placement coordinator answered my queries and she was able to give me appropriate advice. I received prospective candidates very fast and they were well matched to my requirements. I am very happy with the service and the efficiency of the placement coordinator and I would recommend the agency to others.”

– Eli Baran

December 2014

“I find that the work of the agency is very professional, very much spot on on what we want and we know we are good at. They chose a very nice host family for me and they took the time and they care. The aftercare service is a bonus and useful for everyone who want to use it. The candidate meetings are also very useful, we gather round together, talking about our experiences on a daily basis; it helps more for those who might be homesick, we get to socialise, get to know each other, it’s a great way of catching up. I would definitely recommend the agency first of all for their professionalism, their caring side and understanding of their client needs. It’s a very trustworthy agency, having a very warm and friendly team who gets very much involved in helping their clients to find the best solution in whatever they are looking for. I’m myself very grateful on all aspects.”
– Patricia Dain December 2014 “The work that the agency has done for me was very good. Most of the information they provided helped me and the candidate meetings are very useful as I get to meet other candidates like me. I would recommend them to other candidates as they are very helpful.” – Mariana Borovina December 2014
“The agency helped me a lot and gave me support when I needed it. A thousand thanks to you!”

-Jonela Cringasu

November 2013

“I learnt more about myself by working with children”

– Christina Jidic

November 2013

“This experience is very exciting. The agency found me a lovely family and they helped me so much. I advise this experience to all girls who want to learn English fast and easy!”

-Stephania Cossu

November 2013

“This agency found a kind family for me and very quickly. The Au Pair meetings are very helpful, they are great for making new friends. I learnt a lot of things about children and in particular Indian habits. I also love living in London”

– Jazmine Farkas

November 2013

“We were given the agency details from a close friend of ours. I can honestly say that we have been searching for an au-pair for quite a while and as we had had very little success I thought I would try them. From the moment I spoke to them I could tell that they would be the ones to find us an au-pair. They were polite to speak to and very efficient at dealing with any queries and concerns we had. The service was second to none and communication was excellent and they assisted us greatly in helping find the right person… “ “I have been pleased with the way they have dealt with us and can highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to find an au-pair. It is one of the most important decisions you make in trusting somebody to take care of your children, and I have no doubts that I have made the best decision possible in using the agency as all the au-pairs and their details are checked and verified before they are passed on to you. They also offer an excellent aftercare service…” -Steve


October 2013

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