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Roxana Cojocariu – Placement Coordinator & Office Manager

Hello, my name is Roxana and I can safely say I have been working with the company for 7.5 years now. One of my passions is foreign languages and working here has given me the opportunity to help people of different cultures and also learn their language along the way. One of my goals is to visit 30 countries in the next 3 years and I will be blogging my journey on our social media pages so watch this space!!!! I enjoy helping those around me as much as I can and their success inspires me to achieve my own.

Natasha Sykita – Placement Coordinator & Executive Assistant

My name is Natasha and I help across the board with the families and candidates as well as doing any executive administration that the company needs. I am really motivated to expand the company to a specific equestrian sector ‘Wellfield Equestrian’ as I feel I would be great at managing this due to the experience and knowledge of the industry that I have already gained in the past.

When I am not in the office, I spend most of my time with my animals. I have two dogs a horse and most recently I have gained a micro pig to add to my small menagerie. She is called Margot and likes to squeal next to the back door until I give her food! I ride competitively with my 6yo warmblood competing mainly in show-jumping around twice a week and have included a photo of me & her at a show.

Arjun Kar – Web Developer

Hello there! My name is Arjun, and I am the companies web developer. Over the years, I acquired valuable experience in the field and for me creating something important that is valued by others is an integral part of my role. I simply love what I do and I do what I love. Among many things, I value teamwork and professionalism. I am also very open minded towards new ideas and it is a privilege for me to stand by people who believe in their vision.

Erzsebet Feiler – Business Development Manager

I few years back when I started enrolling in an MA program one of my professors came in to the room and begin drawing several dots on a whiteboard, and stated “the knowledge what you will acquire throughout this MA program will help you to understand the dots and the connection between them and if you are good enough one day you will be able to write your own dotes on the whiteboard”. Ever since then I am motivated to understand the environment within which I live and work, the factors which sustains the environment and the web of people who are coloring it. I continually contribute to the success of Wellfield International Placement Agency Ltd. by putting my mind at work while providing advice on strategy and business growth to the company director. I sincerely believe that Wellfield International Placement Agency Ltd. will become one of the most wanted and trusted placement agencies in the UK, with a great number of pleased host families and candidates.

Erwin – Marketing & Strategy Advisor

Hey my name is Erwin and my background is helping B2B companies make cooler marketing than Apple. I’m bringing my experience from working at the forefront of technology to Wellfield through ongoing collaboration and support of marketing and operational strategy

Dr Julie Behseta – Care Quality Advisor & in-house trainer

Julie is currently a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, funded by AHRC.

The research project ‘Cultural Value’ involves facilitating “Compassion by Design”    workshops which she holds at:
Alexandra House Care Home, Hamstel Rd, CM20 1BU
Sam Beckman Day Care Centre, Hendon London, NW4 4LD

Julie has been working with Alexandra Care Home (ACH), an end of life care home specializing in residents with Alzheimer’s disease, since 2011. Working collaboratively with staff, families and residents using an interdisciplinary co-creation approach, spontaneous, intuitive and empathic design known as the ‘Violet Method.’

A series of multi-sensory (particularly touch, sight,) design workshops led by Julie to generate a transformative space in which involuntary memory (as opposed to voluntary recall) is stimulated. Replacing unbroken routine and procedure with opportunities for intervals of creative spontaneity. The subjective experience of reaching out to hold, touch, handle and stroke textile materials is itself an invitation to recall memories of agency. The gestures of agency, for a community of the old, can have intense meaning when other forms of physical action have been subject to atrophy.

Using a multi-sensory method also allows participation from people with a range of sensory impairments. Sight loss is common in old age, but need not offer impediment to participation in these workshops. Hearing loss may be a source of social isolation and exclusion, but the multi-sensory workshop enables participation without the principal focus on speech, which is dominant in everyday life. As the workshops create a tactile universe the subject is invited to enter an emotional space where touch is, simultaneously, to be touched and where holding can similarly conjure up the sense of being held.

Sophie Watson – Placement coordinator & Marketing ManagerSophie has a BA Hons in Media Production and uses this to work with all of the marketing and media requirements for the company. She also assists the director with various other projects including fundraising and community outreach programmes. She enjoys good long walks, followed by a hearty pub lunch. Sophie is well known in the office for her strawberry scented perfume and her multicoloured nails which are varnished a different colour every evening.

Tara Gallagher – Special Care consultant & Promotions Manager

Tara studied Art and design and specialises in marketing and promotion of the company, she is an expert of British sign language and breeds Arabian horses in her spare time. Tara is a mother of three and she loves her tea extra strong, so we have to make sure we leave her teabag in her mug!

Marcia McKnight – DirectorIt is an honor and indeed a great pleasure to work on several businesses and a charity that serve my community locally, nationally and internationally. In all aspects of my work I have been truly blessed to meet and work with such inspiring and dedicated teams of people that are all passionate about making a difference in the world. At Wellfield international Children and families are at the heart of all our decision making processes. I am so proud of my staff team who have helped so many families in the community already both with their placements and in charitable ventures.

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