My name is Margherita Boaro, I’m 20 years old and I come from Italy. In July I finished the first year of University, where I study German and Japanese. I deceided not to study English for my degree because I wanted to improve it travelling..and so I did. This has been my first job and actually the longest time I’ve been away from home, too! At the begininng I was a bit scared, even if I wanted to stay here just for two months but then I made up my mind! I realized that being an aupair during summer holidays from University could have been my occasion, so I just started looking for a family! I spent lot of time looking, I almost gave up untill I finally decided to ask for help from an agency in my city.

All of a sudden, just a few days before the beginning of August, I found MY family! After lots of interviews and calls, I just knew that this was the right one: three lovely kids and their mom, Lucy. They have all been so nice and kind with me..I just felt like I was the bigger sister! Meranie, the eldest, is 10, very clever and helpfull..without her I think I couldn’t have done it; Emanuel, 9, is just very playfull and funny..we had lot of fun together; and then Darren, 4, my little sweet and pretty. I enjoyed speding my time with them: during the first weeks they had holidays from school so we stayed together in the morning, going to the park, doing arts and crafts, playing, riding our bikes. Then, after lunch and play time, the mom used to come home ! The last two weeks where quite different instead: they started going to school so I just had to pick them up in ther afternoon, helping them with their homework and cooking the dinner! So I had lot of time for myself too! I attended a brief english course in the morning and I always went running in the afternoon! I stayied in a small village close to Luton: there were no other aupair here but I just met so many other guys of my age, so I was fine..and I had lots of chances of speaking the real british!

However, then there was the week end..mine was off, of course! I had lots of fun: I met new people, that now I can call friends, visited lots of places, had new experiences! As I said my host family live in Luton, so north of London: from here I travelled to Birmingham, St Albans, Brighton, Windsor, Oxford..and London of course!

Then I actually love trying new food, from other countries so..I just tasted everything I liked! From the Eton mess, passing by Scotch egg, Brighton rock, fish and chips, to the international food in Camden town market..everything was just yummy!Luckly the girl and her mum shared my same passion for food: together we cooked lots of different dishes, exchanging receipes! We made pizza, custard creme with biscuits, crepes with Nutella, chapati and mandazi: a great meeting point between italian and britishkenian food!

If at the begininng I was happy that I would have worked away for a short period,after a while I just realized how much I will miss my family and my new life here! I don’t regret anything but the fact that I stayed for such a short time! Cause unfortunately I hadn’t plane to stay more than seven weeks. I arrived in the Uk at the begininng of August and had to come back at the end of September to start lesson at university! But I know that I will keep in touch with my children, with my host mum and with all the friends I met here! Some of them is already planning to come and visit me in Italy and so I will do, going to Germany, Czech republic, etc. And from now on I know that every time I will come back to England I will have a place that I can call home.

Hope your experience can be great as mine was!

Best regards