Congratulations to……

Izabella Lehovzki
& 6 year old
from Dartford in Kent.

Your biscuit roll looks delicious, we cant wait to get our aprons on and have a go at making our own!!


250g flour

80g sugar

50g coco

70g butter

A little bit of lemon

1 egg yolk


1. Mix together the sugar, butter, flour, lemon and the yolk

2. Separate the mixture into two

3. In one half, add the coco powder

4. Once coco is mixed leave both to rest in the fridge for 20 minutes

5. Bring out of the fridge and roll both mixtures out

6. Once flat, lay the coco one on top of the other and with your hands roll them both together

7. Cut into neat slices

8. Set the oven to 180 and cook for 20 minutes

Izabella you will receive your £10 cash very soon & Temi your Amazon voucher will be with you this week 🙂

Well done and we hope you enjoyed cooking together! Thank you very much for sharing your biscuit roll recipe.