My name is Sophie, I am 25 years old and come from the UK. From a very young age I have always had a thirst for seeing the world. Personally, I think working as an Au Pair is one of the best ways to do it. It is thoroughly enjoyable, you learn so much from it, make many, many lovely memories and you will make friends for life!

I have always wanted to see Italy, but of course, time wont always allow you to venture everywhere. After deciding to take the summer off work, Italy was my chosen destination. Going through Wellfield International Placement agency was incredibly easy and the girls in the office were extremely helpful in finding the perfect family for me, and perfect is what they were! I was incredibly lucky to be placed with such a welcoming and loving family, who beg me to come back to Sardinia next summer!

It was a little daunting arriving in Italy alone, but as soon as I met the family at the airport I was filled with happiness. On the drive to the house I saw many beutiful sights, from beaches to hillsides. I was getting more and more excited!

My new Italian family consisted of a Mum, Dad and two sons. The two boys were lovely, Francisco was 14 years old and could speak English very well due to studying the language at school. Andrea was 7 and spoke NO English, but we somehow still managed to communicate to each other and miraculously understand each other quite well in the end. I attemped to tutor Andrea English on a number of occasions, but he wasnt always too keen.. being on holiday and all! It was understandable, luckily there was plent of time to play games and entertain ourselves other ways….

Porto Cervo is where the family have their holiday home. It is a very beautiful part of the island, full of expensive shops and very rich people! We often took walks along the different marinas at night time to get into the centre which was always rather busy, with lots of different things to see and do. As a family was visited lots of different gorgeous little towns situated in Northern Sardnina which were always full of character. We went inside lots of churches, each one beautifully decorated. I found myself staring at ceilings and windows a lot!! I enjoyed exploring archaeological sites dotted around the island, the family were always very helpful in obtaining information in English for me to understand.

As the family themselves were on holiday, there were many beach days which was great as I got to sunbathe, relax, read books and join in with beach games with the boys and their friends. Some of the children could speak English well which was great for me as there were very few English people in that area of Sardinia. On the plus side, it enabled me to pick up Italian a little quicker. Although I found it a very hard language to learn.

(Porto Cervo Centre)