Hello my name is Jenny Gómez, I’m from Almeria (Spain). I have been working as au pairs in London for two months and my experience has been incredible. I live with a family of two members, the mother and 7-year-old girl, the two are a wonderful, super educated and respectful. The weekends I take the opportunity to visit the city, go to museums, go shopping, visit a few of the many attractions this wonderful city offers.

Here in London I have met more girls like me from different nationalities to be to go out and take a drink, take a dinner,or simply meet to talk about our stuff.

The experience of being au apair is unique, it gives you the opportunity to learn a new culture, learning a language, live in a big city and be part of a family.

These two months have been for my the best decisions that I have taken and will undoubtedly continue doing it.

I hope my experience will help to come to you as an au pair to England. see you soon!