As a young child I didn’t do a great deal of exercise. My parents used to take me to dancing lessons and then I decided I no longer wanted to dance, so then I took up swimming lessons but that phase soon disappeared. At school I took part in my physical education lesson but didn’t really put much effort into then if I’m honest; exercise never seemed important to me. I never watched what I ate and my physical appearance didn’t bother me; and I think this all stemmed from my parents. my parents didn’t exercise to what I can remember.; my dad went to the gym a few times I think and played a bit of squash but it wasn’t regular as far as I know.

However, as I have grown up and become a parent myself, my view on exercise and watching what you eat has become very important.

Social media, magazines and newspapers I feel are massively to blame for insecurities in women as well as men. There seems to be this image that women (including myself) aspire to look like but the images we see everyday aren’t real, they are all edited. It still doesn’t stop me from picking out every imperfection I think I can see, and I know a lot of women and men are the same.

When I turned 18 I took it upon myself to join a gym. I went a few times and then didn’t bother going as I had no motivation. Then I tried again a couple of years later and went for about a year but didn’t see any results and didn’t feel any fitter. Then I found a fit camp and my whole life changed. My body shaped changed, I felt fitter and better about myself. Exercise became part of my life and healthy eating became a habit.

I then fell pregnant at 21 but was determined to keep exercising because I had adapted my life and routine to include exercise and without it, things just didn’t seem right. I attended my fit camp until I was 23 weeks pregnant and then started swimming until I was 32 weeks pregnant. Exercising still made me feel great and gave me an extra boost of energy.

After giving birth to my son I was scared to go back to my fit camp as I knew I was limited to what I could do, but with encouragement from my friends, family and instructors I was back.

I would take my son along for the hour where he would quite happily sit in his buggy watching his mummy work out. After a while, my workouts started to rub off on my son; I soon saw him doing sit ups, high knees and even having a go at some burpees and he is not even 2 yet! It made me smile knowing my son enjoyed what I did and wanted to take part too.

I want my son to lead an active, happy and healthy life, and I know that all parents want the best for their children. I don’t want him to be standing in the mirror picking at bits of his body he doesn’t like. There are simple ways to keep active and healthy that doesn’t mean you need to join a gym or a fit camp.

Why not start this month? Its half term so when you are with your children why not make the most of it? Go to the park and have a kick around with a ball, play some fun games in the park or just go for a walk. All of these things create happy memories for your children and will keep you all healthy and fit. Its only 30 minutes of exercise a day to help keep fit, but don’t over think it. Take your time and work exercise into your routine as well as your child’s.

I have recently gone back to work and I have found it difficult to work my exercise routine into my new schedule but it’s all trial an error.

Make the most of the school holidays, your children will love spending time with you and a smile on your child’s face created by you is the best feeling.

Happy Easter!