Hi everyone,

I’m Vicent from Valencia. I’ve been working as au pair since last October in a small village near to Manchester. I’m taking care of two lovely children called Oscar who is 7 and Jasper who is 5.

Working as au pair has been a very good experience because I’ve been able to improve my English a lot, I’ve met very interesting people from many different countries and I could visit places that if I hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have visited.

At the beginning it’s very hard especially if you have girlfriend or boyfriend. In my case, I missed my girlfriend so much because we used to live together in Valencia so it was so hard to get over it.

References to my family, they have been very lovely with me, treating me like if I was one more of their family. I think it was the best thing to get used to live here because if your family didn’t treat you like one of them, it was so hard to live with them. I wasn’t living with them, I lived in a mobile home, but I was every time with them in the main home helping with the children, tiding things up and definitely, helping them.

For the other side, I was working as well in a horse grange that the family runs, helping my host mother with the stables, taking care of a pony called snowy and doing some gardening for a few hours each day.

On weekends, I was off so I made the most for travelling with people that I met here. For example, I went to Edinburgh, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Liverpool, London, etc.

Being an au pair is a good way to learn English while you are working it’s true that you will not earn a lot of money but if your target is learn English, it will be perfect for you.