My name is Beatriz, I am 20 years old and I am Spanish. I am a flight attendant. Last year I decided to come to the UK so I can learn English abroad and be able to work in the future. When I almost finished high school I researched what I could do to come to the UK. I needed a change in my life, as my life in Spain was always the same and I felt that I needed to meet new people. I was very confident in my decision to leave. I was told that the best way to learn English was to work in an English family as an au pair. I contacted my agency in Spain and I had various interviews with families, but nothing attracted me until I finally spoke with the family that I am currently working with. =)

I came to the United Kingdom on the 28
of May 2013. The worst day was when I had to say Good Bye to my family and friends that came with me to the airport .I couldn’t believe it in the beginning until I was seated in the airplane and I told myself BEA NOW BEGINS YOUR ADVENTURE.

That day the previous au pair of the family was waiting for me in Leeds as I couldn’t find my way by myself to the family. Now I know the area like the back of my hand. Where I live there’s a small and beautiful town.

My first impression of the family was good and the girls drew a picture for me to welcome me to their home. They asked me a lot of questions about my life. They were very happy to have a new au pair as the previous one was going to leave.

At the beginning it was difficult to communicate until I started learning and the girls were helping me as well, playing with me, they wanted to paint and comb their hair… My main concern was the girls, I had to do light cleaning around the house and the weekends were free.

At the beginning I was feeling lonely because I didn’t know anyone and at the weekends I used to go visiting the nearby towns. I met a Spanish girl that was working as an au pair during the summer and afterwards was going to study at a University in Leeds. Bit by bit our group became larger, at the weekends we were going out for drinks, going out to have fun, visiting places. I was very lucky finding my friends here as we were all gathering in Leeds for some time.

The truth is that I don’t regret coming here, it was an unforgettable experience both personal and professional. I learnt to become independent. I will never forget this adventure in England as these things have to be done while you’re young.

I didn’t get the chance to visit the whole of England, but I’ve been to the places that attracted me the most like London, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Harrogate, Brighton, Bristol …I had a great time. Another day that I will never forget was when we visited the Alton Towers theme park, being one of the best places I’ve ever been to.

If I wrote about everything that I went through it would take me hours and hours, but I know that it’s been the best time of my live and I will never regret coming here .It was an experience that I will never forget. If you have the chance, do it.


Beatriz 😀