Hello everybody, I’m Patricia i came from Romania and I’m I’m 26 years old.

I first came to England the end of February 2012 ,I always been an fan of the culture and the language and being here it helped me improve it even more. Working as an aupair was a wonderful way of starting off ,i gained much experience and it made me grow in many ways. If you ask me if i ever got home sick my answer will be Yes of course we all do at first you miss family friends but you start to look at the bright side ,i love challenging myself and experience new things new places and that helped me getting used to being far away from home. I had the chance to be a part of a lovely host family who made feel so welcomed that i start feeling less sad about being away from home. I start socializing meeting new people sharing experiences from other au pairs so as time fly by I become more confident and loved every minute of it.

I’m usually a very easy going person who can adapt to new situations without any problems.

I was looking after 3 wonderful kids and i would be an extra pair of hands for the mother ,i would help them getting ready for school the morning routine as you might call it ,trying to make it as fun as possible and not take things too serious ,in the afternoon would be helping with the supper/dinner ,homework ,bath time a good story before bed time. As working with kids is very important to allow yourself to be a child again ,and make them feel comfortable with you laugh and joke with them, be a genuinely kind person so they feel confident enough with you, this is also a learning experience for both sides.

My weekends will be off and i would try to make the best of them going out seeing new places, I remember my first trip to London which was breathtaking was all the au pairs from all Europe and I made very good friends that day, we went on a river cruise on River Thames enjoy the wonderful architecture of the buildings, then went for a very delish picnic near Wembley Arena enjoy the pretty sight and just chatting the time off.

I got very familiar with the famous Fish and Chips dish but as well with other British dishes such as Beef Wellington which is very yummy and Shepperd Pie which is a must to try if you are in England.

I feel that i was very lucky to come across wonderful and kind people who were very helpful and understanding with me. My experience was unforgettable and made me grew up in many ways becoming more independent and open minded. Of course the journey doesn’t stop here it will be more to see and to do. At some point there will be other countries to see ,and new cultures but is a time for everything.

I hope you will enjoy it just as much as i did and you will make the best out of it 🙂 You can only learn from it .And after all this time I can easily say that England is my home i feel much comfortable here than anywhere else.

My best of luck to you and enjoy it ,you won’t be losing anything only gaining from it.

Warm regards