Hi there!

My name is Madalina Hornet, I will be 23 (in three days), I am Romanian and I was a student at the University of Bucharest. The ‘adventure’ of my life began in November, 2012~ which means that in less than a month I can say that I actually spent one year in The UK. When I decided to come here it was a week after the College started so I had to think twice before making a decision. I’m used to this kind of situations so I decided to leave the College for this new job. I wasn’t very happy with my decision at the beginning because I worked so hard to get my place at the University and I knew that if I will come here I might never be able to finish my studies. At the same time I felt that I HAVE TO DO IT. When I applied for this job I didn’t really think it’s something serious and that is why I have to admit that I was so surprised when I actually got emails from the agency that I worked with in Romania. I had to choose between two families but none of the two convinced me. The third family was the best thing that could ever happen. I still remember the nice warm voice that I heard on the phone; right in that moment I said a big YES to her and in two days I was at the airport getting ready to meet my new ‘family’. They were all adorable!!

My job is to look after two kids – a 12 years old boy and a 5 yrs old girl. I really love them. During the term the only thing that I have to do is to just drop the little one to school sometimes and pick her up( most of the times), cook and do the homework together. After that we have our telling time- this is a rule that I created- and it’s just between me and her- while we are on our way to the library( which is not far from our house) or to the park if the weather is ‘friendly’! The boy is a great friend. He always helps me to improve my fluency in English , he teaches me tips regarding ICT and many other things. I am definitely going to miss both when the time will come and I will have to go!

Beside the work there is another thing that I would like to talk about. And that is THE WEEKEND. During the weekend I am mostly free (sometimes I have to work) that is why every week I try to visit new places and discover the beauty of the UK.

I’ve been to so many places so far!!

The first place that my friends took me on my first free weekend was Camden! We had so much fun and we did lots of shopping!

Then I explored central London properly! J -Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Waterloo~~

The first thing that I wanted to do after coming here was to try Korean food because Korean Culture is so fascinating for me and every day I study about it and I do my best to improve my speaking and writing skills.

This is one of the reasons why I started to take Korean Language Classes here! My friends and I found this great centre in New Malden and this great teacher, Mrs Kang Suk Ja. We all worked hard and on 19
of October I will have my first Test of Proficiency on Korean (TOPIK).

As I said most of the activities that I do are related to Korea. And I am so happy that after I came here I got the chance to do so many things such as Martial Arts ( Hapkido) , taking dance lessons with a great dance team in UK- ‘’LoKo’’ , meeting so many people and making so many friends that share the same passion as I do and more than that they tell me new things about their own cultures and traditions and this is the greatest achievement for me.

There are new things for me to do every weekend and that is why I am never bored in here. This weekend I will go with my friends to visit the British Museum. I went here before but it is nice to come back.

I also visited National Gallery and I am an official member of the British library. I go there as often as I can but there are so many things to see in here and there is never enough time for everything and I try to see as many things as I possibly can while I am here.

One of the places that I really love in UK is New Malden. I don’t know why but this little town is so kind and welcoming and I always go there when I feel like I need some ‘fresh air’.

Another thing that I like In the UK is the nicety of the British people! There was a nice old man that I met in Bromley this spring and after he asked me politely if he can have a sit on the same bench with me in the Bromley Recreation Ground he asked me where I was from and he saw that I was writing a sort of article. I told him that I actually want to post something on my future blog and that place inspires me a lot. Soon after that the old man wished me all the best and also said that he is happy that he met me on that day# He handed me a pen and he said that even if the world is leaded by technology I should do hand writing more often because I am pretty good at it… I will always remember that day! Another great day was when I had my very first live performance for the Korean World Music Festival. It was absolutely awesome (
) After that me and my friends spent a lovely night in Soho and had lots of fun. Even if I didn’t win I had such a great experience and made lot of new friends. And this is not all! After that I did lot of volunteer work for ‘Hyper Japan ‘–Earls Court and ‘All together’ –project organized by the Korean Residence Society in UK in Kingston.

(Fairfield Recreation Ground).

In these 11 months spend here I did so many of the things that I planned to do! I am so lucky that I chose to come here. Otherwise I would have never wear an Hanbok , I would have never know that in this world there are such lovely places as Chislehurst Woods , Broadstairs , Margate, Newcastle or Kensington Park. Lovely memories that I will keep for a lifetime! And if I will have the chance I would definitely do it again!

England is a very beautiful country with very beautiful people! I felt like I was at home right from the beginning! I am grateful to all the people that guided me during this ‘process’ in Romania and to the ones who guided and supported me in here. It meant a lot to me. Many thanks!

All the other Au pairs that I met here are just … really cool! With some of them I plan to keep in touch for a very long time as we became very good friends!

Last year I had a lovely British winter holiday with lots of snow and lovely carols! This year I will be at home with my real family and I bet that it will as exciting as it was last year especially because I have so many great things to tell everybody about my experience in UK as an Au pair!