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For all of our clients we like to offer services free of charge which we run at no additional cost throughout the year. We are committed to improving standards of care across the UK and so we offer a range of free courses, incentives and competitions throughout the year encourgaging candidates to get involved. In this section you’ll find just a few but you can visit our Blog, social networks and browse through our website to chck out what we have going on at the moment in Wellfield’s.


There is a great importance to celebrating children’s work at every possible opportunity. It gives the child a sense of pride and achievement. The kids section of our website has been designed as our small contribution towards helping the children in our families celebrate their work by having it published on a professional website.

We actively encourage our candidates to engage with the children and encourage them to enter competitions that we run, to share their work with us. We are really interested and love to see the children’s new creations.

If your carers are working with your children on a story, a poem, a short video please encourage them to send it in to Wellfieldweb@gmail.com so that we can celebrate your child’s work by publishing it in our live Gallery. We will always seek parental permission prior to publication of any material. Make sure that your career includes the name and age of the child as well as the name of the host family they are working for, so that we are able to locate the file and make contact for permission and the award for your child. EVERY SINGLE PEICE OF WORK PUBLISHED WINS A PRIZE!!! Prize winners will receive a £10 Amazon voucher, a book mark, a certificate for the child and a recognition certificate for the candidate showing their active participation.

Please ask your candidate to register their email address with us to receive details of the regular competitions that we run so they can participate with your children.

NB You must be a registered candidate or Client of the agency in order to participate.

Educational Games

Please Click here to take you to the educational games links that we have for active learning for your careers and children

Achievements and Awards

Visit our Gallery of work here


Brighten up your day read some of our favourite Jokes submitted by children and parents to share.

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