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Nanny payroll service

We understand that preparing to become an employer can at first be a little daunting. Being a nanny employer you are required to take responsibility for pay rolling and making sure that relevant deductions are taken from your nannies salary and paid correctly to HMRC.

HMRC will notice any gaps in an employees declared income, so those employers paying “cash in hand” are far more likely to get caught.

The UK law requires you to do the following when becoming an employer;

  • Register as an employer
  • Keep tax records on their behalf
  • Set up and operate a PAYE scheme on your employee’s behalf
  • File an employer’s annual tax return.
  • Pay regular income tax and NI contributions
  • Provide your employee with regular payslips
  • Provide them with an employment contract
  • Pay employer’s NI contributions

How much will your nanny cost your family?

Use Nanny Tax’s payroll calculator to help you work out costs:

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