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Live in couples

Live in couples are willing to work on a full time basis, working up to 45 hours each. They can undertake household duties including childcare. Live in couples are often hired for families with larger homes where there are additional duties both inside and in the grounds of the family home. Typical duties would include housekeeping, gardening, woodwork, care of animals, building, maintenance of vehicles, driving & chauffeuring.

This option suits families as a cheaper option to offering space to two individual live in employees. We do not recommend live in couples to take care of the elderly unless they are registered on our care program for the elderly which will make sure that they have the basic training and experience required to work with the elderly and that they are able to provide a high quality standard of care.

Au Pair couples are expected to receive a salary between £150 – £250 each dependant on the age and experience. In addition to this they will have their full board and their own room or accommodation.

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