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Hiring by yourself

Some parents like to choose their own nanny, we understand this. However, there are a number of important checks to carry out before offering a job to a nanny. At Wellfield’s we are more than happy to help you with the process of hiring your nanny yourself. It’s simple you chose the candidate and we will use our expertise to do the rest for you so that you can have peace of mind that you have a trained member of staff vetting your candidate and preparing the contracts. Below are the services we will provide for you;

Check for any gaps in the candidates CV

Scour through the candidates CV, and if there are any gaps in employment try to find out why. We will also ask the candidate to complete our comprehensive application form to ensure that all of her details are ready for your personnel file.


Most nannies have these to hand over straight away, however they will still need verification. It is important to ask previous employers relevant questions. Once you have them follow up If you are doing this yourself make sure that you ask about the experience listed and whether they have trusting nanny experience. If we prepare the personnel file for you we will do this for you.

Passport, identity and visa checks

It is your responsibility as the employer to ensure your nanny’s identity and references are accurate. You should check their right to work in the UK, and should carry out other checks to make sure they’re an appropriate person to be left in charge of your children. It is especially important that proof of current address is obtained.

* DBS Enhanced Disclosure (formerly CRB)

A DBS is a police check and is to see if the nanny has been entered on a register as not being suitable to be around children. It is best for the nanny to have had a DBS check of less than one year old; if older you will need the nanny to have another done.

To reduce some of the time and stress when employing a nanny, we currently provide a package where we supply you with a candidate personnel file. This will include a completed application form, all references, ID checks, a contract drawn up and advice on payroll.

All for the price of £295

*DBS checks are to be paid for separately

Alternatively if you only require certain checks, see below a price for each:

Nanny DBS/PVG checks

This police check is a must if you want somebody else to care for your children. It checks that your nanny does not have a criminal past, and is in fact aloud to look after children.

DBS – £89
PVG – £102
PVG update – £30
Nanny reference check

Receiving references is an important part of the checks as you get peace of mind hearing from previous employers. Normally a nanny will have these to hand, however if not we will take the stress from you and chase these up. We will attempt to get these references to you within 8 working days.

Reference x 2 – £35
£15 for each extra check

Nanny employment contract

When you have found the perfect nanny you need a professional contract drawing up to keep things clear between both you and your nanny.


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