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Looking for the right childcare?

When choosing the right childcare, it helps to know which particular features are essential to you. Families use childcare for many reasons, to help you work, look for jobs, train or study or to simply take some time out. Childcare can offer many positive benefits for your entire family.

The first thing to perhaps consider before you decide upon the right type of childcare you is what you would in fact feel comfortable with and what is the best childcare to suit you and your child/children. Is flexibility important? Do your working hours vary? What can you actually afford? These are all important questions to answer before you look at the right type of childcare for you and your family.

The types of childcare we offer are;

  • Au-Pairs
  • Nannies
  • Mothers Help
  • Live-in couples
  • Housekeeper/companion

Nannies are employed by parents to care for their children, a lot already have qualifications but they do not have to have any to actually provide care. Au-Pairs are male and female domestic assistants from overseas working for, and living as part of, a host family. They typically take on the family’s childcare and bits of housework and are usually paid in board and lodging, plus weekly ‘Pocket money’. Mothers Help are generally unqualified nannies working alongside a mother, rather than having sole charge of the children. They are expected to help out with light housework and shopping – Ideal for mums who need an extra pair of helpful hands. Housekeepers are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of an individual’s house.

Need help to pay for childcare?

Overall childcare costs are what may put people off from the start. However there is help available from a number of sources in the UK. The main sources of help available come from tax credits. These have recently been cut back so you must verify with the Government website and tax credit calculator to see whether you are entitled and how much you can claim.

These include:

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