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Cooking for kids

A healthy diet is so important for children, so while you are working with your family you should ensure that you are providing healthy meals for the children. With growing bodies children need the right nutrients and vitamins to ensure their bones grow strong and healthy. Ensure they are getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and drinking lots of water.
To help you provide healthy meals for the children, each week we will put ideas on our website for you to try out.

Healthy meals for children

There are many reasons why a healthy diet is so important for children. So while you are in charge, you should make sure that the children in your care are eating well. All young children need vitamins, energy, minerals, protein and carbohydrates to ensure that their bodies work and grow properly. Children have different nutritional needs to adults and as their bodies grow and develop, their needs will change.
You should try and get your children to try lots of different types of food, try and offer healthier alternatives to usual sugary or fatty treats and encourage them to drink lots of water. Set them challenges to drink a certain number of glasses every day.To help you out, below are a couple of different healthy, fun and simple recipes for you to try.

Apple Sundaes for Breakfast

This mixture is a healthy topping for yoghurt, pancakes, waffles and even toast. If you have children who are a little picky, it looks fun which will entice them in to give it a try. Click Here to see the full recipe

Sweet Chilli chicken pockets for lunch

This is a healthy, tasty and light meal perfect for busy lunch times. It is extremely easy to prepare, so perfect if you have your hands full. Full recipe here

Spaghetti Bolognaise for Dinner time

A family favourite! See how much fun the children can have twisting their spaghetti and attempting to not get any sauce around their mouths – make it into a fun game. Click on the link below to take a look at the recipe;Click Here to see the full recipe

Healthy Snacks

If you are ever struggling for healthy snack ideas, below are a number of sites with some fabulous ideas.




Do you have any favourite healthy meals that the children in your care love?

If so, please do send us the recipes, along with any pictures and your details and we will upload them onto the site to help your fellow Au-Pairs out at meal times.

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