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We have made a page for our housekeepers to seek help with any cleaning problems. We have found a number of helpful tips and tricks to tackle your everyday cleaning struggles. This page will be updated monthly, and there is an option for you to write in with any other problems you come across which will be put up on the site for people to help you out.

Monthly House Keeping Tips & Tricks


In the kitchen

Tackling oven grease

  • When the oven is still warm, coat the grease with a generous helping of salt. After the oven cools, just wipe it all up – Simple!

Sink problems solved

  • Remove your families built up sink lime scale by leaving flat cola to sit in the sink for at least an hour a week.
  • To shine the stainless steel sink wipe on some olive oil using a soft cloth.
  • To shine the stainless steel taps try rubbing them with a cut lemon.
  • Remove hard water deposits from taps by leaving vinegar-soaked paper towels.

Kitchen tile scrubbing

  • Using baking soda, sprinkle lightly onto a damp sponge, to easily remove the nasty grease from tiles behind the hob.
  • To get to the grout between the tiles it is best to use a toothbrush, using a paste of vinegar and baking powder. Leave for a couple of hours and rinse off.
  • Try cleaning greasy tiles with lemon juice.

Bedroom problems

Carpet clean up

  • Nasty pet odors on carpets and upholstery? Treat with bicarbonate of soda and leave it to work overnight
  • Get rid of candle wax by placing greaseproof paper over the wax and pressing down on the paper with a warm iron. This should help remove without making more mess.


  • Air your family’s beds every morning by turning back the sheets and then remake the bed in the evening
  • Wash all sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers once a week on a high temperature
  • Air the family’s mattresses once a month, and when you do, sprinkle baking soda over the surface to absorb any moisture.
  • Remove hard water deposits from taps by leaving vinegar-soaked paper towels.

Bathroom Help!

  • Stubborn stains in the toilet? Pour in some flat cola and leave for an hour, once a week.
  • Use borax for cleaning out your toilet

  • For best results, clean your toilet in the following order: cistern, handle, outside of bowl and U-bend, lid, seat, under seat, under rim, inside toilet.
  • For immediate air freshener in the bathroom, place a fabric softener sheet in the bin or add a dab of fragrance on a light bulb as when the light is on, the heat releases the aroma and makes the bathroom smell divine.


  • As with sinks, remove lime scale by leaving flat cola to sit in the bath for an hour a week.
  • Demolish bath stains with a 1:5 solution of white vinegar and water.
  • Clean soap scum by wiping the area with a sponge, first doused in white wine vinegar, then baking soda.

Living areas


  • Do not forget to clean under each of the seat cushions and under the furniture itself.
  • Cleaning the soft furnishings should be part of your overall weekly routine. The seat cushions and arms are the most likely to becoming dirty.


  • For best results rugs should be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning to remove loose surface dirt.

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