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Au Pair Nanny / Gap Year Abroad

At University studying languages? or fancy a year getting experience abroad. Taking a gap year and working as an au pair could be the fantastic opportunity to work and travel. Your accommodation, food and bills will be taken care of and you’ll get to integrate into life abroad with a host family that will assist you settling into the new culture swiftly. It is an excellent way to travel and experience the world! At Wellfield we have a wonderful selection of gap year opportunities available around the world. In particular;
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Are you interested in spending time in the big USA? Why not consider an Au Pair placement in the states? Working alongside our partners we could make this dream a reality.

Here in England we will assist you in the application process, to ensure you have a smooth, stress free experience.

A lot of Au Pairs enjoy travelling America for a chance to study, with so many Colleges and Universities why don't you take the opportunity to further your studies and develop your language skills.

While in America you will have regular meetings with your own personal counsellor. This is great if you are ever feeling a little homesick or need to see a familiar face if you are ever feeling a little confused.

All of our applicants will attend a 4 day Orientation at the start of their stay. Here you will be able to make friends and find out more about the country you are going to be living in.

A lot of Au Pairs save up money throughout their placement to then travel around America; it is a place country with lots of exciting places to see - A chance of a life time!


Cannot decide on where you want to become an Au-Pair? Canada is a vibrant, multicultural and interesting country. The placement of an au pair with a hosting family is a very personal experience. Au Pair and host family must be compatible; we will make sure of this through the application process. We want to enjoy your stay in this interesting country, so it is our job to match you with the perfect family.

Once an agreement has been made on the family you will be staying with you will then be required to make application to the Canadian Consulate in the UK for your Employment Authorisation. You will also be required to have a medical which includes chest X-ray and blood test with a doctor registered with the Embassy.

Throughout the whole process there will be many opportunities to speak with the family on Skype and of course over the phone. Where you can get to know the family a lot better, and let them get to know your personality.

New Zealand

With New Zealand being one of the most picturesque countries in the world why wouldn't want to spend your time here. In your spare time you will get the chance to enjoy this beautiful country and mix with its friendly people. After completing the application process you will be placed with a family who will provide a place to stay, good food and weekly "pocket money".

As an Au Pair in New Zealand you will get the chance to experience swimming with dolphins, hiking up a volcano, skiing down their rocky mountains or relaxing on a beautiful concealed sandy beach.

When you arrive in the country you will first attend a 3-day Orientation Course staying in a well-located hotel with all meals and accommodation provided. This will not only give you the chance to get to know your lovely surroundings but to also make new friends for life!

Like the majority of out other countries of placement, you are able to arrange and meet up with fellow Au Pairs and Nannies. Get-togethers are a great way of making friends, getting out and about in your new country and making some wonderful memories.


Japan is like no other country, do you want to experience different culture like no other? If so, why not consider becoming an Au Pair in Japan. Like most other countries an Au Pair in Japan is provided with a single room in the family's home, 3 meals per day and with a pocket money allowance. This is of course agreed with the family before you arrive at their home. Job duties as an Au Pair in Japan consist of mainly childcare and light housework.

Visa Information for Japan

A 6-month working holiday visa is the only visa option to actually become an au pair in Japan. You can of course apply for a 6-month extension once over there and settled. Applications can be made at your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate.


Working a long side our European partner's our overseas placements are arranged. All candidates and families are carefully screened, and we make sure that each candidate is placed with the perfect partner and vice versa.

A host family will welcome you into their home and welcome you into their family. Live-in au-pairs will be provided with full board, your own private bedroom and with enough free time for any studying and exploring of the country you wish to do.

If you are looking to learn a language, working along side a family is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. The best way to learn is to learn off those already speaking it.

It is an amazing opportunity to really live your life to the full in a safe and secure family background, receiving the support you need to enjoy your time in a European country.

The families who require an Au Pair need help with their children and general every day help in the home - "chores". Every day duties could include cleaning, washing and ironing. There will also be babysitting opportunities available, which will be arranged with your family

Looking to improve your language skills? Experience new culture? Get in touch with one of our placement coordinators to help you on your Au-pair and Nanny adventure today. Do not waste any more time!

How long will you be staying?

The minimum length of stay is 3 months with Wellfield. At Wellfield we believe that as an Au Pair or Nanny in a foreign country you would benefit most from a full year's placement. We obviously realize that there may be reasons for people not being able to stay for this amount of time, but being able to have the full year will benefit you greatly in life.

Travel expenses

An Au Pair pays for his/her own return ticket, this is only booked when the family are aware of when your last day is. You must not also book your ticket to the country until you have a definite placement, however desperate you are to get over to your new country.

Language Courses

Wellfield and your Au Pair family will have details of any local language schools for you to attend. However bare in mind that the tuition fee is to be paid by the Au Pair.

Police Check / Subject Access Certificate

You will be required to provide your own police check before being able to travel to your new family.


A European Health Insurance Card entitles you to reduced cost or free medical treatment if within the EEA countries. You will need to purchase this card before you travel to the UK. Click here to apply for your European Health Insurance Card

Application Forms

The application forms submitted need to be as informative as possible. The application pack needs to consist of the following;

  • Your completed application form
  • A signed copy of our Au Pair Agreement
  • Your 2 childcare references - If you have more, feel free to include these
  • A number of photo's - One passport photo of yourself, pictures of you and the children you have looked after, any family and friends photographs
  • A doctors note stating that you are in good health and able to come and work abroad
  • A "Dear Family" letter introducing yourself and giving the family a more personalized insight into the type of person you are
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